Active Research Projects

Motor Neuron Development and Circuitry

We are studying how the neural circuitry that is required for coordinated walking in adult flies is constructed during development, and how it functions in the adult.

Recent Publication

Types of changes to CRM activities after random mutagenesis

Dense and pleiotropic regulatory information in a developmental enhancer

Timothy Fuqua, Jeff Jordan, Maria Elize van Breugel, Aliaksandr Halavatyi, Christian Tischer, Peter Polidoro, Namiko Abe, Albert Tsai, Richard S. Mann, David L. Stern & Justin Crocker


May 22, 2021

Welcome Nadeera

The Mann lab welcomes new postdoc Nadeera Wickramasinghe, who just started this past week. Nadeera did her PhD at Mt. Sinai, NYC, in the laboratory of Dr. Nicole Dubois. Nadeera "met" and decided to come to the lab with only virtual information, so it was especially fun to meet her in person this week!

May 21, 2021

Ryan Loker successfully defends his thesis

There were many reasons to celebrate Ryan Loker's thesis defense yesterday. Not only was there a lively discussion with his committee (Stavros Lomvardas, Hynek Wichterle, Gary Struhl, Jeremy Dasen) but it was the first 'in person' thesis defense in more than a year.

Congratulations, Ryan, for an amazing job and for producing a beautiful body of work.