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Motor Neuron Development and Circuitry

We are studying how the neural circuitry that is required for coordinated walking in adult flies is constructed during development, and how it functions in the adult.

Recent Publication

A single stem cell clone in which both motor neurons (green) and glia (red) are labeled

Building a CNS

Jonathan Enriquez, Laura Quintana Rio, Richard Blazeski, Stephanie Bellemin, Pierre Godement, Carol Mason, Richard S. Mann


February 08, 2018

Cover of Neuron

On the cover: The photograph by David Oliete captures the more than two-century-old tradition of building human towers in Catalonia (Castells de Catalunya) and evokes the remarkable ability of biological systems to self-assemble into complex structures.

December 07, 2017

Where did insect wings come from?

New paper published today in Current Biology about the origins of insect wings, and how they are genetically specified. Congratulations Ryan Loker, Carlos Estella, et al.!