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A variety of protein-DNA structures can form between Hox-Exd-DNA

Context matters

Judith F. Kribelbauer, Ryan E. Loker, Siqian Feng, Chaitanya Rastogi, Namiko Abe, H. Tomas Rube, Harmen J. Bussemaker, and Richard S. Mann


haltere imaginal disc with clones

A role for low affinity binding sites in fine tuning the levels of transcription

Rebecca K. Delker, Vikram Ranade, Ryan Loker, Roumen Voutev, Richard S. Mann

Low-Affinity Binding Sites and the Transcription Factor Specificity Paradox in Eukaryotes

Judith Kribelbauer
Chaitanya Rastogi
Harmen Bussemaker
Richard S. Mann



Using genome engineering to better understand animal development

Rebecca Delker & Richard S. Mann
Calculating electrostatic potentials in DNA grooves

Still thinking about electrostatic potentials

Tsu-Pei Chiu, Satyanarayan Rao, Richard S. Mann, Barry Honig, Remo Rohs

Bxb1 phage recombinase assists genome engineering in Drosophila melanogaster

Roumen Voutev
Richard S. Mann


The Importance of Timing

Richard S. Mann
Clare Howard

To Be Specific or Not: The Critical Relationship Between Hox and TALE Proteins

Samir Merabet
Richard S. Mann

Streamlined scanning for enhancer elements in Drosophila melanogaster

Roumen Voutev
Richard S. Mann


Building accurate sequence-to-affinity models from high-throughput in vitro protein-DNA binding data using FeatureREDUCE.

Todd Riley
A. Lazarovici
Richard S. Mann
Harmen Bussemaker

Asparagine deamidation reduces DNA-binding affinity of the Drosophila melanogaster Scr homeodomain

Nicole O'Connell
Katie Lelli
Richard S. Mann
Arthur G. Palmer, 3rd

Quantification of gait parameters in freely walking rodents

Cesar Mendes
Imre Bartos
Zabolcs Marka
Turgay Akay
Szuzanna Marka
Richard S. Mann

Specification of individual adult motor neuron morphologies by combinatorial transcription factor codes.

Enriquez J
Venkatasubramanian L
Baek M
Peterson M
Aghayeva U, et al.

Deconvolving the recognition of DNA shape from sequence

Namiko Abe
Iris Dror
Lin Yang
Matthew Slattery
Tian Zhou
Harmen Bussemaker
Remo Rohs
Richard S. Mann

Low affinity binding site clusters confer hox specificity and regulatory robustness.

Crocker J.
Abe N.
Rinaldi L
McGregor AP
Frankel N, et al.


Neuroscience. The Michael Jackson fly

Richard S. Mann


Divergent transcriptional regulatory logic at the intersection of tissue growth and developmental patterning.

Matthew Slattery
Roumen Voutev, et al.

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